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We work with individuals and clients of all shapes and sizes

"Melissa is great! She is super-responsive, ultra-helpful, and friendly as all get out. She has been great to work with as I develop the brand of my new venture. 
I'm thankful we have such a great resource" - Ben Hart, GE Renewable Energy

"Melissa is a dynamic and magnetic person and was integral in our marketing efforts. A true asset to any organization." - Ryan Rourke, Hays Companies

"Melissa worked for me as my Marketing Manager and produced the highest grossing auction in this company's history. She is the most positive, hardworking and dedicated individual I have ever known." - Bob Grant, Thomaston Place Auction Galleries

"Melissa has been patiently acting as my guide (integrity coach) on my personal mindfulness Journey ... With the insights that she’s helped me acquire, I’ve made great strides in living life more consciously and with greater intention. The shifts I’ve made in my day to day consciousness has improved my personal and professional relationships and has helped me to harness my inner drive and focus on what matters most to me. Her commitment to authenticity and practicing what she preaches are inspiring. I’d highly recommend working with her to reawaken your greatness.": - Melanie Hoffman, Wellness Professional

Buckingham Financial Designs

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