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Master Connector / Relationship Ninja / Bending the Universe at will since 1975

Buckingham-Designs ~ What do we design? The Perfect Clients for your Company!

We are a business development firm that hand selects the portfolio of clients we represent.
We have vetted these organizations for integrity and innovation because these are the core beliefs that we value.
We work with one company per profession across varied industries and connect them to our vast international network.

Buckingham Designs. We bring you the best.

How we do it: 
After learning about you and your organization, Melissa engages with questions on how to make your business / occupation the best it can be. If you need work on your foundation, she can be your “fixer”, if your need is simply more meetings and clients - she has been known to bring them right to your door. She can be your business development  “contractor.”
Melissa has been working with individuals, teams, and organizations to support excellence in developing and marketing businesses internationally for over 20 years.
As an entrepreneur, a networking guru, an integrity coach and lover of life, she prides herself on her authenticity, direct communication, magnetic enthusiasm, and dogged determination. These are the many things that support her as a relationship maven and a social networking ninja!

Melissa Buckingham / Founder & CEO
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